A contemporary artist, author + web designer, Ridgeway's talents are expressed in a variety of ways.

Best known for her large-scale, luminous poured canvases, she moved to Santa Fe in 1996, where the high desert light has fueled her “Layering Light”™ style, bringing her widespread acclaim. “I really enjoy working with clients to create site-specific work – in both residential and commercial settings”, says Ridgeway.

Pushing the boundaries of light and color, she now works on metal, acrylic, glass and wood. Her new series of outdoor metal sculpture, "Trilogy - Body | Mind | Spirit" was launched in early 2016.


Her creative collaboration with Japanese "rock star" fashion designer, Mihara Yasuhiro, on his summer womens wear collection, inspired her new signature silk scarves. 

Click HERE for the fashions on his website.

(translation from Japanese: In our quest for a free and well-being contented world. The theme is "Color Of Butterfly". Inspired by the work of Bette Ridgeway, Contemporary American Master painter. Her images were incorporated into the textiles.)

A visit to the artist’s studio dazzles the senses with paintings, home accessories, knitwear and jewelry – in an artful setting.


Her best-selling marketing book for artists may be purchased on Amazon. Click Here for "Talent is Just the Beginning - An Artists' Guide to Marketing in the 21st Century.

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