paintings on acrylic, metal & wood panels

These works on a variety of surfaces have a high-gloss surface. Those on metal can be hung out of doors. Not in direct sun, but on covered portales and patios.

October   SOLD
Il Forza del Destino - triptych
Messages from the Wind (triptych) SOLD
Fractals of Time - SOLD
Studies for It was an Early Spring
Spring in Santa Fe 1
Spring in Santa Fe 2
Time is an Illusion
It was an Early Spring - Diptych on Beech
Ancient Rhythms disks - SOLD - Collection of Dudley McDaniel
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October SOLD, Il Forza del Destino - triptych, Messages from the Wind (triptych) SOLD, Fractals of Time - SOLD, Studies for It was an Early Spring, Spring in Santa Fe 1, Spring in Santa Fe 2, Time is an Illusion, It was an Early Spring - Diptych on Beech, Ancient Rhythms disks - SOLD - Collection of Dudley McDaniel, harvest moon - diptych, Kyoto Morning - SOLD collection of Philip & Anne L. May, Desert Moon SOLD, Seduction X 4 with copper and lime - sold, Serengeti Storm II, Rituals - Collection of Dinah & Ken Reddick, California Dreamin' II SOLD, Odyssey X 4 on acrylic, Moonsong SOLD, Seduction X 4, sunrise, Cygnus Loop I SOLD, Winter - diptych on acrylic, Summer Showers, Sedona Winter I, Sedonal Winter II, Rhythm in Red, Symphony in Red, Red Sky at Morning , Meditation in Red, It was a Rainy Red Autumn SOLD, Tuliips in the Rain - diptych, Red loves Gold SOLD, A Windy Sunday - diptych, Bahama Dreaming SOLD, California Dreamin' I SOLD, Conjunctions & Annexations SOLD, Copper Canyon SOLD, Autumn Blues - triptych SOLD - collection of Beverly Chapman, Nature in Gold I, Nature in Gold II, The Garden in Rain - Diptych SOLD, Adirondack Morning, East meets West SOLD, Doorways to Eternity - Diptych, Yesterday Today & Tomorrow - SOLD, Dusk Along the Wharf - diptych, Cradle to the Unknown - SOLD, Tropi I SOLD, Tropi II SOLD, Cabo Memory SOLD, A Day at the Beach I, A Day at the Beach II, Adirondack Summer - triptych, A Lazy Hazy Morning SOLD, Piquante SOLD, Garden in the Rain SOLD, Spring - Triptych SOLD, Autumn SOLD, Poetry in Red SOLD, Sea Lace I SOLD, Serengeti Storm I SOLD, Autumn Window SOLD, It was a Very Red Autumn I SOLD, It was a Very Red Autumn II SOLD, Yellow Moon SOLD, Moon Dance II SOLD, Golden Dawn SOLD, Duet in Red SOLD,