The artist enjoys working with clients to create site-specific art. This portfolio showcases some of her favorite projects. If you are a designer, please contact the artist to discuss your needs. A custom presentation will be emailed to you to send to your clients!

Fire and IcePas de DeuxIl MareFleeting ThoughtsEmergenceCalypsoEmissaryWinged VictorySymphony for EmilyAquariusIncandescenceThe Heart Knows - SOLDFirst LightArc of the Imaginals 15 ft high x 21 fe wideNight JungleRomancing BlueStorm Over Santa FeStorm over the ValleyCorn Dance - SOLDSymphony in C - SOLDSerenityOriginsIt Was a Rainy AprilDeep ForestLeft: Blue Sun, Right: TangoDancing DreamsBlue SunWhispersSpectral DancesSymphony with CeladonThe Tide is Turning - SOLDA Great Day for SkydivingPhenomenon with RedThe Winds of TimeCrescendo - SoLDCrossroadsSerendipity - SoLDTangoRed Sky at MorningAutumn JungleA Winter SeaSunshineAwakeningBreachMountains and SeaSeductionSilence - SOLDWeb of Desire - SOLDCalla - SOLDTempestuousTropi - SOLDFirebird - SOLDThe Flames of PassionKaleidoscope - SOLDIntersections - 24 inch cell cast acrylic diskA Little More Red - SOLDVortex - SOLDConvergence - SOLDTrilogy SculptureJewels - SOLDAlphaOn Beyond BlueBallet duo Jardin - SOLDSpirits RisingEchoes of a Love - SOLDPassion in RedIntersections 2Enigma Triptych - SOLDSpectral JourneyOctober Sky - SOLDRockin' the RedsTurning the TideRomantica - SOLDSunrise in the GardenDeep Summer - SOLDJourney - SOLDCarnation - SOLDArrival of Spring - Collection of Gene SamburgPrimordial Place - SoLDBahama Dreaming - SOLDRomancing REd - SOLDAdirondack MorningBirth of the BluesFlights of FancyAncient Dances - SOLDspectral journey - John Deere Corp. CollectionBirches - SOLDrojo X 2 - soldthe winds of time I - soldMi Corazon RotoColor of Jazz - SOLDLiquid Light - SOLD